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Just wondering if anyone else noticed this....

I spent the weekend breeding a shiny Koffing with the Masuda method and I finally got it after about 800 eggs! What's weird is, when I use her in battle (she's a weezing now) she flashes to her normal un-shiny colors when the camera zooms in on the opponent as she uses an attack.

It's just barely noticable cause it happens so quickly but it happens a LOT. Here's a slowed down gif of it happening against a Poliwhirl:


Anyone else with a shiny notice this? Or is it just a Koffing/Weezing thing? It makes me feel like she's just a normal Weezing with a shiny coat of paint and it's kinda bumming me out...

I don't see it switch, it's blue all the way through, like a shiny Weezing is supposed to be.
Wish you luck, I got no patience for the masuda method
Well you can't see her body, but you can see the gas turns green. Shiny Weezing should have purple gas.

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It's not a glitch. It might be that 1 or 2 frames remained as a normal sprite during animation. Your weezing is still shiny don't worry. As for the frames not working, it would most likely be caused by a problem with your 3ds.

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Hmm... maybe! I'll trade it to my other 3ds and see if it still happens.