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ok, I was trying to level up my nincada from a battle with wild roselia. when I got out of the battle when I ran, walked, or basically did any mode of transportation, my top screen went glitchy! there were black notches on either side of the screen, and it happened every 4 steps I took! now, I dont cheat, and I know I have no hacked Pokemon. so, whats going on?

edit: ok, 2 of my Pokemon were poisoned, once they were cured this whole glitchy screen thing vanished. so, does anyone know what is going on?

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Has one of your Pokemon been poisoned while in battle, and not been healed since you won? If so, that's the issue. The "glitching" is just your Pokemon taking poison damage. This will continue until the Pokemon is healed, faints, or the poison wears off. Don't worry, this happens to most people. I know I completely lost it when this first happened to me xD

ok, thanks!
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Nothing is wrong. If one of your party Pokémon is poisoned, its just a sign that your Pokémon is taking damage from the poison as you walk. If you keep walking, it will say "(your Pokémon) survived the poisoning. The poison faded away!"

Hope this helped. Le' goodbye.