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Before Gen 5 a lot of the Pokemon and other information were released in the magazine CoroCoro and the TV show Pokemon Smash. Since the trend seems to remain until know, I would like to know what day(s) of the month these are released to be able to know when we can expect news about Pokemon X&Y.

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>The magazine was launched in 1977, aiming at young elementary-school age boys, younger than the age for shōnen readers, which is about teenager age, but then became one of the most popular magazines in Japan. CoroCoro is now currently a monthly manga magazine, along with its three sister publications, Bessatsu CoroCoro and CoroCoro Ichiban!, which are only released every two months.

It's realeased at the 15th every month

Pokemon Smash

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Pokemon smash is on Tokyo TV every Sunday at 7.30

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