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I'm carrying two eggs right now and have two left in the box. Does the number of steps I take count for both eggs or just one? They are my eevee eggs.


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Yes, the steps count for both eggs. If you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor, that is also good to have in your party, as it'll halve the amount of steps you need.

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I only have Typhlosion and Vulpix for fire types in SoulSilver and just realized my Vulpix has Flash Fire.  The description doesn't say anything about helping eggs hatch but oh well.
My bad it's Flame Body not Flash Fire, Sorry. The description won't say that it does tho.
Yes, steps count for both eggs. HOWEVER, only one egg will hatch at the end of the Egg Cycle, so even if you get two eggs from the Daycare/Breeder, only one will hatch at a time.
Source: Experience, SoulSilver
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Yes the steps count for both eggs. So you can carry a maximum of five in your party.

If you do this I suggest also having a Pokemon that knows Flame Body or Magma Armor.