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In Join Avenue there are also fitness centers where you can level up your Pokemon by one by paying them.Is this really fair for people who spend alot of time battling and leveling up their Pokemon instead of just paying someone.(Rare candies are a different thing)

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If you train your Pokémon yourself by battling with them, your Pokémon will also gain EV points (these increase your Pokémon's stats e.g. Attack and HP). This means that for every level you train your Pokémon, your Pokémon's stats will have increased more, compared to a Pokémon that used a Rare Candy/Daycare Centre/Fitness Centre (unless, you have already reached the Pokémon's maximum EV points, then it makes no difference).

Therefore a Level 20 Pokémon that was trained by battling will typically be stronger than an identical Pokémon that was trained in the Fitness Centre. This is why I think it's fair; you can level Pokémon up easily by paying for it, but it will never be as good as a Pokémon that someone's put lots of time and effort into training.

You can read more about EV points here :)

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If you can do it within the game, of course it's fair.

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I don't meanto sound to whmpy but Pokemon training is about the bond you form with your pokmeon and thats why I'm happy that they are adding a bond stat in th next game

The "bond" stat havet been confirmed...
Actually they have
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Actually, this has its price too. Not only you need to pay a lot of money, Pokemon won't evolve even though it has leveled up to the evolving level. Plus, you can only do this once a day.