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I know there's some sort of list regarding the tier a Pokemon is in. However, when comes to a team, which consists of 6 different tiers Pokemon, how to determine which tier this team is in?


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The Pokemon that is ranked in the highest tier out of your team if the tier your team is.
So if you had a team of Pokemon from NU and a Dragonite (who is in OU), that team would be OU just because of Dragonite. This is to keep powerful Pokemon in the higher tiers with other Pokemon of similar strength, to keep a balance between the tiers.

So yeah, pretty simple really.

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but what if a team with one OU pokemon and other NU pokemons, and another team with all OU pokemons.. both of them are considered OU team, but obviously the latter team is more powerful.. This makes the battle kinda.. unfair? =\
Yes, it does. Although it is the player's choice to make a team like the first one you mentioned, so it is still fair since that person chose to use those Pokemon whilst knowing that it would be hard to win in a tier with more powerful Pokemon.
I see, thanks buddy. =)