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I'm thinking is there any way to level up pokémons any faster, and don't say "use rare candy" because I already know that.


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U can also get a item called " exp share "
When I have a pkn I'm trying to lvl up fast I put them in my team of lvl 100s and then the lower lvl pkn will receive all of the exp points that the lvl 100 would normaly get. ( because Pokemon cant lvl up higher than 100 all of the exp points would go to the Pokemon holding the exp share.

But if you dont have lvl 100s then your Pokemon holding the exp share will only get half of what is given.

I hope my answer has helped you a lil ( or alot )

And good luck with ur game :)

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Well, there are really 2 ways.

Nimbassa City stadiums
Dream Yard (B/W2only)

-Look for the preschool helper NPC, usually in the small court, after you beat her in a battle, she will give you a rare candy
-Audino hunt in the Dream Yard in B/W2 to level up quickly

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Ok, if you want to level up a low level Pokemon give it an Exp Share and challenge the league. You can also go to the Nimbasa Statiums. There is a shop in the Join Avenue that levels up your Pokemon. If you dont have that shop just find a trainer that says
"I would want to train people's Pokémon and make them strong." and let him/her have a shop in your Join Avenue. Challenge the Pokemon league and give your Pokemon Lucky Egg.
Or go to Dreamyard or Giant Chasm and battle strong Pokemon in tall grass. Hunt for a level 100 Gyarados that will give you lots of EXP but it will take a while and I'm sure you will catch it if you find it :P

Join Avenue Dojo

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