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It became slower and slower after lv60. Do we have another way to level up fast? Fighting chansey is good but I'm lazy :P

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Most Chanseys are normal Chanseys. It might be impossible to get a fighting Chansey.
I mean i level up my pokemon by fighting with wild chansey lol

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Well, I have two main ways:
Fighting Chanseys and Elite Four Grinding

Let's take a look:
Fighting Chanseys
- you get a lot of EXP in the early levels
- doesn't require you to do much

- does get boring
- can end with you accidentally killing the original
- levels start to slow down after lvl 50ish

The Elite Four
- interesting
- you get an extra fight at the end
- you can get EXP quickly

- if can be hard to defeat them with a weak team (lvl 50 or below)

I'd go with both! Use Chansey to grind to level 60ish and then use the Elite Four to get to level 100!

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The Elite Four is almost 7 times as long as grinding Chansey. If anything, doing the Elite Four until it comes to a snail crawl  and then max Chansey grinding is faster. :P

The biggest advantage of the Elite Four is that you also get Money from it, but if you use a Pay Day False Swiper for Chansey grinding, you still make more money. :P