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I want to grind Festival Plaza, but I want to do it as fast as possible. Does anybody have any idea how to grind fast? Thanks in advance :)

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I think SOS chaining with Chansey is faster.
I mean leveling up my festival plaza, not my pokemon ;)

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Talk to visitors who’s messages are red and fulfill their wish. Doing so can give you FC, which can level up your Festival Plaza. VIPs give you more FC this way. Battling at the Battle Spot and trading also give you FC.

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I use wonder trade a lot, but I won't get any FC from them.
You have to go inside the castle and talk to that person you traded with (on the right hand side)
Ok, thanks!
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Answer the peoples questions around the Plaza walkway daily. Also if you go into the building theres a desk that allows you to battle with random Pokemon, which is the best way I found to level up.