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In the Festival Plaza, I found... Myself. Weird right? It isn't just someone who somehow looks EXACTLY like me, it IS me. How did I find myself if I am myself?

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How do you know it’s you?
He has my exact greeting, exact shirt, exact shoes, exact socks, exact backpack, exact pants, exact eye color, exact hair, AND my EXACT name.
techinally that is possible...
How is it technically possible?
While it’s pretty rare, there could be a person out there with the exact same name, features, clothes, and greeting.
Just out of curiosity, what clothes are you wearing, what’s your greeting, and what’s your name? If you have the default clothes and greeting, and gave your character a common name (like Moon or something), it’s definitely possible that it isn’t you. Also you could just change your clothes and it won’t be the same.
My name is Samuel, my hair style is Short and Layered, my hair color is Dark brown, my shirt is a Tank Top (red), my pants are Plane Cargo Shorts (beige), my socks are Crew Socks (red), I have either black or red shoes, but I can't remember, I don't have a hat, I don't have glasses, I wear a Scout Pack (black), and I have Brown eyes. I forgot what my greeting was...

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It's probably a REALLY REALLY REALLY weird coincidence. It's not every day that you find your long lost twin.

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That's the thing, it wasn't a weird coincidence, it WAS me. I'm 100% sure it is me.
I don't think so. If you registered him/her as a VIP, you can change your outfit and go back to them. See if it changes.
Huh. Good idea, too bad I can't test it until Saturday/Sunday. I'll best answer this if he doesn't change. But you should really make your answer more positive, "probably" isn't the best word if you're stating facts.
His clothes didn't change, but he looks EXACTLY like me, I'm still not convinced. I'll just have to take your word for it.