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I'm about ready to wipe the floor against team rocket in the game. Before I do that, I noticed something I didn't during my first play through and that's the plaza actually turns into this Dracula castle when team rocket takes over. I do know that I can choose to keep it as Dracula castle or change it back to a princess castle after I drive them out of the plaza. What I wanna know is, can I freely switch in between these two or am I stuck with whatever I choose after driving team rocket out of the plaza?

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Once you are Level 50, inside the Castle, talk to the (Construction) Worker, there should be three options, click change theme and choose a theme. So, yes you can switch themes regardless of Episode RR being active or not.

Source (I also tested it out)

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So I have to grind? Might as well stick with Dracula's castle then. Thanks