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I'm tired of going up and down and left and right can't I just go one direction?

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No, eggs will not hatch in the Festival Plaza because it doesn't count the steps you take there.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Festival_Plaza#:~:text=Steps are not counted in Festival Plaza, so,hatch and Repels will never wear off there.
However, the place I use is the little square just below the Nursery in Paniola Ranch. You go in there, hip on Tauros and just move the circle pad in circles.
Hope I helped!

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Wow the little square is actually useful. Thanx a lot =)
No problem!  Glad to help.
I used to use the little square but that long road (Route 7 I think) that’s below Paniola Ranch is more efficient, imo.
I use that long road as well. ^^