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I'm tired of going up and down and left and right can't I just go one direction?

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No, eggs will not hatch in the Festival Plaza because it doesn't count the steps you take there.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Festival_Plaza#:~:text=Steps are not counted in Festival Plaza, so,hatch and Repels will never wear off there.
However, the place I use is the little square just below the Nursery in Paniola Ranch. You go in there, hip on Tauros and just move the circle pad in circles.
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Wow the little square is actually useful. Thanx a lot =)
No problem!  Glad to help.
I used to use the little square but that long road (Route 7 I think) that’s below Paniola Ranch is more efficient, imo.
I use that long road as well. ^^
theres a guy right above panolia town, that with tauros you can just move the pad a little up and a little left over and over again. also, you can just deposit them into isle avue
While you CAN deposit them into Isle Avue, it is generally better to grind for steps if you want semi-immediate results.

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