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Level up your plaza, talk to Sophocles, and hope that he offers that kitchen. Or you can talk to people in your plaza and see if they're offering a "Rare Kitchen 5." That's all I know (maybe there's some way to upgrade stuff... Nah). Good luck!
that will be a long time

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At Rank 8, visitors are able to introduce the player to a facility that can be placed in the Plaza for a fee

The easiest way to get it is to have someone else from you Festival Plaza have it, or luckily getting it from Sophocles. Rank 8 takes 281 Festival Coins, in case you were wondering. :P

Also, just a heads up, Rare Kitchen 5 is useless in Moon/Ultra Moon. Rare Kitchen 5 only gives you more things than Rare Kitchen 4 in Sun/Ultra Sun. Essentially, if you have Moon/Ultra Moon, Rare Kitchen 5 is the same as Rare Kitchen 4. :P


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