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I'm playing UM, (Please don't spoil it, I'm only in the water trial), and I have lately been using the rare kitchen (1 star) in my festival plaza to level up my party. My inkay is at level 29, and I was wondering if it would still evolve if I used rare kitchen and flipped the system? same goes for torracat, who I was thinking of spamming lunches on. also, will they learn moves as normal? I want my pikachu to have a good set, My steenee might miss out on stomp etc. otherwise. I want to know: should I use it on steenee and pikachu, who I want to learn moves, and is it a good idea to use it on Pokemon close to evolution? thanks.

also, is the effect the same when using rare candies?

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The Rare Kitchen does indeed block moves learnt by level up and evolution.
Rare Candies however, do not. If your Steenee and Pikachu are near the level they evolve or learn the moves you want, don't use the Rare Kitchen.

Sources: Personal experience, and this for verification.

Hope this helps!

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Right. I'm going to vote you .
Thanks, Buddy! just so happens I have a rare candy spare for inkay anyway, so this works.
You are very welcome friend.
I now have an OP malamar, so yeah, awesome. and I have another candy ready for my rockruff, too.