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No NPCs are coming into my festival plaza. How do I make them come?

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I meant festival coins not friend codes
Oh, okay. My bad.

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Upon completing a request, the player will be rewarded with Festival Coins. Different requests may yield different amounts of coins, and VIPs will give more coins than guests will.

In order to get Festival Coins, you need to complete requests that visitors in your Festival Plaza give you. The amount of Festival Coins rewarded to you after completing the request depends on both whether the request was from a VIP or guest and what the request was.

If the player connects to the Internet, the game will grab a list of other players to be new guests in the player's Festival Plaza. The oldest guests previously in the player's Festival Plaza will be replaced with the newer guests; any VIPs the player has registered will remain as VIPs regardless.

As for getting guests to come to your Festival Plaza, the only thing you need to do is connect to the internet.


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but the guests won give me FC or ask me favors
Did you talk to all of the guests?
yeeees. None asked for favors
You're sure you talked to all of them? You should have five or more guests in your festival plaza that have requests. Are you sure that you've connected your game to the internet?
found them
If you do a Link Trade/Battle with someone or Wonder Trade with someone, the person you did stuff with will appear in your Festival Plaza (I think they only appear in the castle, idk). Also, if the rectangle with the character's name in it is light blue, then they don't need your help. If it's dark red then they want you for something.