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Does anybody know exactly when? At which island and what level range would my Pokemon be at that point?

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You should be able to access it at any point in the menu after you've reached the Pokemon Center in Hau'oli City

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No, I thought you get access to Festival Plaza by talking to Sophocles (either before Electric Trial or at Post-game).
I distinctly remember using Festival Plaza after Hau’oli City on my first playthrough. I was actually checking for it since I needed to unlock Isle Aphun quickly. I think this is accurate.
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Once you get to the first Pokemon center, just did it since I'm actually playing through Ultra Sun right now when I posted this.

Thats what the previous answe says...
There's a Pokemon Centre on Route 1, which might be what this answer refers to. Not sure of its accuracy, either way.
The first Pokemon cneter you use is the Hauoli city one I thought
^ True