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I was trying to defeat the Petalburgh City Gym Leader in Emerald, and I defeated his Vigoroth, Spinda, and Slaking. I was fighting his Linoone with my Marshtomp and it used Slash. It took out my Lv.25 Marshtomp (with full HP), but it was a critical hit and Marshtomp was a low level, so I can see that. But then, I sent my Machop out (Level 31). LInoone used Headbutt. Once. MACHOP Fainted!!! It was not a Critical hit. Keep in mind that Linoone is only Lv.29. Also, it never said that "it's not very effective". What happened?!?


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There are many reasons that this couldve happened.

Your Machop could have had very low defense stats, somethnig typpical in fighting types.

Lioone could have a very high attack stat, or maybe it used a move before that raised it's stats.

Lioone could have had STAB.

basically, its very doubtful that there was a problem with your virtual father's Lioone.

Source1: knowlege

Source2: I battled the Lioone myself recently

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Did Linoone use Belly Drum? If so, its attack will be maxed out as a result, and a STAB Headbutt is will be able to OHKO a lot of things.

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It did use Belly Drum.
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The Linoone is just incredibly strong. Dont forget, this is a Gym Leader youre dealing with.

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