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I looked at the home page to see if Arceus has been in any events lately but it hasn't so will it be in anymore events?


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Probably. But the chances are high that Arceus will not appear again in this generation. If we will ever see an Arceus again. It will be in generation 6. Arceus doesn't usually get evented a lot in one generation(exception generation 4). This was changed in generation 5 since it has only appeared once, as a DW Pokemon.

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I heard that you can get one in pokemon Global Link with a ''dreaming'' pokemon is that true?
Not anymore. That's what he meant by, "he only appeared once, as a DW pokemon".
DW atands for Dream World.
So I can't get it anymore?
no, not in generation 5
Gen. 5?
White / Black, Black 2 / White 2
dang it.