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Self explanatory!

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Probably not. It's been so long, 3000 years actually.

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Probably not. It's been so long, 3000 years actually.
Yw lol. Someone just needs to photoshop the Gen 8 game cover on the photo and it's finished.

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There would be no reason to release Eternal Floette, or any other Pokémon, as an event in Pokémon X/Y. Those games are basically dead, and there hasn't been an event in those games since the 20th anniversary, which was 2 years ago. (Source)

However, Eternal Floette has been in the coding in all the games since Pokémon X/Y. Therefore, it is very much possible that they will have an event where you can legitimately obtain this Pokémon sometime in the future. There may even be some sort of Pokémon Z in which they will release it.

So basically, yes. I don't see why it wouldn't be released sometime, considering they bothered to give it its own base stat total and coded it into every Pokémon game.

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Perhaps if they had a Pokemon Conquest for the Kalos region, and AZ's Floette was your prize at the end?
I mean, considering a huge plot point about Kalos was the huge war that went on that resulted in AZ doing what he did, I wouldn't be surprised if they did one. I certainly look forward to it if/when it happens.

Generally, when a question already has a "best answer", you don't really need to answer it unless you think that answer is wrong. But I like your answer.
I mean, if they gave us a flipping Hoopa from the movie then for sure they will give us a 3,000 year old Floette.
You can answer even if the BA is correct, just as long as you have more information than the existing answer that doesn't need to be a comment.
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Considering that it's signature move got a new animation earlier, there is a high chance that we could get AZ's Floette in the near future. We just have to hope that GameFreak doesn't simply throw away the chance for such a great new Pokemon. I can see why they wouldn't though, seeing as we would basically be stealing AZ's Floette which he waited so long to have returned to him.

So I'd say it's about a 50% chance that we might be able to get that Floette.

So you've looked at 100 different futures, and they released the Floette in 50 of them? Do you have ESP?
"Guessimation" based on Her/His "research" I guess.