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Is there really an event villion with pokeball wings and an event floette that looks like AZ's?

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im know there will be an AZ's Floette event, not sure about Vivillon.

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Az's Floette has been hacked into the games through the Powersaves and many hackers claim that there is indeed gooing to be an event of AZ's Floette one day, as when it was hacked, you had to pick it up from the PokeCenter just like you had to pick the event Torchic up.
Details about the event Floette have also been leaked like it having a new signature move called Light Of Ruin.

  • Light Of Ruin is a special Fairy type move with a 140 base power, making it the strongest fairy type move to date.
    It also has a higher base stat total compared to an ordinary Floette and just one 1 stat point lower than that of Florges.
    For more details, click on this link

However no details have been leaked on the special Vivillion. However the Vivillion was leaked by the same hacker who leaked AZ's Floette, mega [email protected], Dianci, Volcanion and Hoopa so the rumor is most likely true.
But it hasn't been confirmed to be broadcasted as event, nor is the Floette. However the Floette is more likely to be an event Pokemon

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