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eevee from from plasma freeze have an attack: signs of evolutions, it say :
"search your deck for 3 Pokemon of different types that evolve from eevee. Reveal them an put them into you hand. Shuffle your deck afterward"

my ask is What happen if I have only 2 different types that evolve from eevee (speon, flareon), I can use the attack and put this 2 in my hand?

the same question whit "Superior Energy Retrieval": it say
"discard 2 cards from your hand. (if you can't discard 2 cards, you can't play this card.) Put 4 basic Energy cards from your discard pile into your hand. (You can't choose a card you discarded with the effect of this card.)"

ask: What happen if I have only 1 energy in my discard pile?

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  • 1) You can search for the Espeon and Flareon, doesn't matter if it's only two.
  • 2) You can still get that one Energy from your discard pile, even if it says 4.

I've played these two cards before, I know you can play them :D

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thank you!!!
No problem :D