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I am breeding to get a good Bulbasaur, but I wanted to know if it can have both curse and power whip as egg moves because Lickitung can have both of these moves (curse through breeding and power whip through leveling up).


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Lickitung will need to be male, and know the moves Power Whip and Curse. It can't learn Curse in Generation IV, unsure about onward games though.

You will need a Female Bulbasaur Evolution (I know, it has to be female. Hold your tears) and put them together in the daycare.

Hopefully, the offspring should be a Bulbasaur with Power Whip (and Curse if you're not using Gen IV)

Good Luck. :)

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Lickitung learns curse by breeding in black & white/ Generation 5.
Okay, now I know :)
And you can also breed a male Bulbasaur with a Ditto to get a female, then use the method described above.