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Say we have said Shedinja sweeping a team of other Shedinja's with Shadow Sneak and it's Jolly and all the other Shedinj'a are Adamant so it is outspeeding them and killing them, and they don't have any Focus Sash's or any crap like that. Life Orb takes away 10% HP, and that would be .10 HP, so does it die the first turn or does it keep 1 HP because the Life Orb can't technically take away all of it's HP? Or does it die after 10 turns (Which is technically impossible in the given scenario as there will only be 6 turns).


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He'd die a painful death, and it's all your fault.

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Too slowfly....
ah sheeninja @ sturdy. -goes into la la land- :)
I'll admit that I laughed when I read that. XD
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Shedinja would die....


Well, isn't Shedinja already technically dead, being a Ghost-type?
Technically, they mean faint. They're exaggerating the fact that Shedinja would faint every 1st turn it is out.
I know that.  Man, sarcasm can't be read over text.