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Ok so I have a feebas, I've been feeding it high-level dry poffins to raise it's beauty. I fed it 4 and it says it won't eat anymore. I leveled it up then and it's not evolving. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance!!


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It could be these things:

1) It's a glitch
2) Your Poffins somehow didn't max out your Feebas's beauty.
3) You transferred it from a 3rd/4th gen game,e.g. sapphire or diamond to a 5th gen, like white or black 2. Reference to the #.
4) Some other obscure thing(s)

I recommend you breed your Feebas or catch another one and try again. Same thing happened to me, I bred my Feebas and that one evolved.

(#) The difference is in gen 5, you need to have a prism scale and at least 2 DS/DS lite/DSI/DSI XL/3DS/3DS XL systems. You need to have a Feebas hol one and trade it in order to evolve. While gens 3&4 has that Beauty/Cool/Tough/Sweet/Smart system in the Contests.

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I was going to edit but you've got all the reasons down so I hid :)
Thanks a ton! Btw, when you say "breed it" do you mean with another feebas or with a ditto?
Either will work. SO long as the feebas are of opposite gender.
Thank you so much!!! It worked!!!!! :D