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For a start, is this doable? I know it will be out-slowed by things such as slowbro, but could this work as a TR sweeper?

Brave nature (+atk, -spd)
EV's: 252atk, 252spdef, 4def
Held item: life orb or expert belt?

Crabhammer-stab, high critical hit ratio, great power
Crunch/night slash-stab, also great power
Superpower-for ferrothorn, the only thing that could otherwise wall Crawdaunt.
Swords dance- boost his already huge power

Defense ev's give him a but more bulk to survive some hits since his def is not that great, especially spdef. Adaptability + swords dance will make his attacks beastly. I guess my question is: is he slow enough to be a viable trick room sweeper?

Edit: his base 55 speed makes him slower than rampardos

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No use Dragon dance crawdaunt instead better?

Conkeldurr: He is a beast playing in and out of Trick Room a massive 140 base attack a good choice for a sweeper, Guts and Flame Orb make him even more threatening, Hammer Arm is main move while Drain Punch for recovery which I’ll most likely need, Mach Punch strong priority move and Rock Slide is for flying Pokémon I don't like Stone Edge is too unreliable

Druddigon: One of those Pokémon where if I don’t have Trick Room up he is through lack of a better word screwed but when Trick Room is up he is very good, I used Muscle Band because I don’t want him getting recoil from Life Orb, Sheer Force makes Fire Fang a very strong move, Sucker Punch and Superpower are good moves for coverage and I can’t decide between Dragon Claw or Outrage

Rhyperior: Too powerful. Rhyperior's massive 140 Attack stat in a trick room with Rhyperior's 40 speed stat will scare your opponent. Hammer Arm and Earthquake are your main moves. Rhyperior Earthquakes works perfect with Cresselia's Levitate ability.
Watch out for escavalier in trick room.

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Okay, here are my speculations. Yes, Crawdaunt is a beastly Trick Room sweeper, and while it is a little fast for a TR sweeper, Slowbro wouldn't be able to do much to it before eating an Adaptability Crunch, and nobody uses Rapmardos outside off NU/RU and even in RU it isn't so common, meaning that RU is probably the best tier for it, unless you're running it in OU rain. I am also going to change your set a little bit. Change his 252 Def EVs to 252 HP for more overall bulk, and drop Swords Dance, as Trick Room only lasts for 5 turns and after switching in and setting up, you'll only have 3 tusn of Trick Room left until you can be properly revenge killed, so try dropping Swords Dance for Rock Slide. Life Orb will be a good item and definitely run Crunch over Night Slash.

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Crawdaunt cannot learn trick room.

Another Pokemon would set it up for him.
It would have to be set up for him, possibly by a Pokemon that can use explosion to deal some nice damage before the switch and potentially KO their lead (if this is possible), or at least stall to potentially force a switch before using trick room