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if you use soak, it makes the opponent a pure water type.
but how is this possible?!
i just dont get how drenching a Pokemon makes them water type


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Thing is, video games aren't real. They don't follow the laws of physics or logic. You wonder how soaking something makes them weak to electricity and herbs? Isn't the fact that you can capture jet/shark/dragons and moustached jellyfishes in little plastic balls completely accepted? It is video games, they don't really have to make sense.

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Flafpert, I completely agree. However, I like to be mystical. Consider this, most water types ARE NOT COMPLETELY MADE OF WATER. Indeed it's true, they actually consist of solid flesh, with water only being a significant component. In fact, most of them have definate, solid, biological forms, except maybe castform. As such, it is possible to transform a Pokemon into a water type without completely turning into water. All that needs to be done is add the water component.

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The description does not count It's what does that counts
After you use soak use a grass or electric type move
What did you expect I'm a magikarp I've seen basculin Use soak before