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It must not be weak to:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Ground
  • Electric

It must be:
- Fast
- A decent special attacker (Good SAtk, decent special movepool).

I know nothing like this may exist but if it doesn't give the the closest thing possible :P

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I'm thinking one of the Lati twins, and no one suggest Rotom-W I already have that.
*cough* Alakazam. *cough*
The idea is that it can actually take hits :P
You didn't say it had to have bulk. :P
I implied it :P

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Like you already said the Lati twins is a good one. Seen on 8/10 Doubles teams. Also something that resist a BoltBeam combo is kinda hard :P.

[email protected] only has problems with Ice.
Also Volcarona pops up in my mind, but she has a 4x Weakness against Rock but with the right support she can't be tamed. Water is easily covered by Giga Drain or any other Grass attack.

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Going with Lati. Thanks