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I do NOT want a darkrai, kyogre, any form of deoxys, or any form of Kyurem

I am looking for a replacement for darkrai, and I already have a deoxys-s and a kyurem-b in my team, and I prefer not to have any cheap Pokemon such as kyogre.
I realize those requirements eliminate quite a few of the best special sweepers in the tier, but I don't want stacked weaknesses or overpowered cheapo Pokemon.

Please provide moveset, nature, EVs, etc.


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So far your team has major problems from taking water spouts from Kyogre so the best counter and my fav special uber sweeper for you my friend is....

@Choice Scarf
252SAtk 252Speed 4Hp
-Special Rend
-Fire Blast
-Aura Sphere/ Hydro Pump
Hits like a truck as well as being able to absorb 2 Water Spouts.
Its got base 100 Speed so nothing will outspeed it at timid appart from Deoxys-s and Scarfed Shaymin.
Great offencive movepool and a modest set will be a ohko with thunder on Kyogre, maybe timid will as well.
It is one of the best late game sweepers and a great asset to the team.

If you need another pokemon ask.

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This is great but it will be my 3rd dragon, so do you have anything else? If not then that's OK. Thanks blob!
You could always try scarfed shaymin sky but appart from that you havent got a very broad choice, its ok to have dragons in a team i once had 4 and it worked well there are well known cores such as raymence which works well and another dragon can sometimes help them.
Scarfed Dialga though works after all it doesnt have an ice or dragon weakness.
'bout giratina-O? Would that work as a special sweeper?
Giritinas tend to be very mixed some are full special some are mixed with added walling skills.
Your best bet is Palkia as it hits very hard and that speed is best out of all the dragons.