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Of course its an effective in a Sandstorm with the ability Sand Rush(i think that's what its callled) That ability with double its Speed making It a beast. And add Swords Dance on top of that while Holding a Baloon for an item, it can be unbearable. Definately add a Hippowdon/Tyranitar in your party to get a Sandstorm going. A good Moveset would Be:

Swords Dance-The Base Power of Attack being Doubled, you need this
Earthquake-the greatest STAB a Ground type can have
Rock Slide-Fire Types

Hope this helps...

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Excadrill is very powerful in a Sand Team,and also powerful out of it with a Choice Scarf. It's full potential is in the Sand,as it can out-speed many fast Pokemon,and hit them with a high base attack of 135. You can give it a Balloon,a Choice Band and a Life Orb.
A good move-set would be:
X-Scissor/Aerial Ace/Shadow Claw:Coverage
Rock Slide:Coverage
Swords Dance:It doubles it's high attack.

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I would think so. It has some powerful physical moves.
If its a physical sweeper, here's a moveset.
Drill Run(stab)
Sandstorm(a little help)
Aerial Ace(coverage)
Fissure(its a beast move)

Earthquake is more effective in than Drill Run
Sandstorm is not needed since most teams have it on a Sand Team with a Sand Streamer,or a Choice Scarf
Fissure is completely unreliable.
lol just found out excadrill is the only pokemon that gets horn drill and hone claws besides smeargle