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I have been trying for about 2 weeks now and Latios keeps on escaping from me and my pokemon wont use block fast enough. Plus my Wynaut keeps killing it. What should I do??? TT3TT


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I find Golbat/Crobat is very useful. The wild ones in the caves later on in the game are around level 40-45, have high speed, and know Mean Look. You can use that then get its HP down gradually.

It's a good idea to use an appropriate PokeBall too:
- Dusk Ball if you play at night, or in a cave. You are 4x more likely to catch it.
- Quick Ball - only good for the very first turn, but works well. If you're using Golbat this means Latios will run if the ball doesn't work, but you can reset and keep trying.

To encounter it in the first instance know that if you cross a route boundary outside then he will move somewhere else. For example between Route 30 and 31.

HOWEVER, if you go to a different route through a building or cave, then latios WON'T move. This is really useful because sometimes they can be a few routes away, but if you can get there through buildings etc you will find them quicker before they go to the other side of the map.

it was my amazing crobat that help me catch most of the fleeing legendaries in platinum( except for zapados and articuno they i just got lucky) :)
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What speed freak said was good for in-batle. When you're searching, look around an importiant intersection (it's more likely to go there). Have a Pokemon with either an ability like arena trap or a move like mean eye and a quick claw. Make sure that if you use anability, you don't switch out. I'd recommend hunting Latios out at night and then using dusk balls.

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get a pokemon that is fast and knows false swipe like sycther lower it down to one hit point then get a pokemon that can paralyze it then find it again use your wynaut then let the pokeballs fly!