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I have a mewtwo and it has a modest nature, perfect IVs, and max EVs in sp attack and speed. the remaining 4 go to HP. the moveset is thunderbolt, flamethrower, ice beam, and aura sphere. held item is a life orb. is this good?


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Yep, pretty much your typical Mewtwo.

2 things:

Try and obtain a Timid Nature Mewtwo. Modest makes it get outspeed by Pokemons that are necessary for him to outspeed.

Go with Psystrike > Flamethrower / Aura Sphere. Chansey & Blissey can be a pain to deal with.

To add on keep aura sphere so you can destroy Darkrai. So get rid of flamethrower for psystrike.
Yes, though some could argue that Flamethrower is quite useful against pokemons such as Scizor in Ubers. Sure, it's not common, but Mewtwo isn't one to take a Banded Bullet Punch easily, especially after Hazard damage and LO Recoil.