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Just in terms of the Pokemon.

Empoleon (LilBlue)
Spiritomb (Spiridoom)
Exeggutor (Eggy)
Dusknoir (Reaper)

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While this team is a bit different, it can work out for the best, with subtlety.

Gardevoir-A powerful special tank. While most would think it's a very bad idea to use her, thinking it's a waste of her speed, it's also VERY unexpected. The first mistake of running a trick room team is using all slow pokemon, you still need some fast pokemon to keep things going. She can still get priority, and support moves since she'll be slower.

Rampardos-while brushed off for his terrible speed, with trick room to speed him up, he becomes the ultimate sweeper. If he hits first, he has more than enough muscle to power through anything that stands in his way. He's pretty unexpected since most people will expect the slower pokemon like dusknoir to set up trick room

Porygon-Z-A very powerful pokemon with a nice diverse movepool. CAn be used to eliminate any slow pokemon or threats your opponent might have before setting up trick room.

Empoleon-A water/steel type leaves him with hardly any weaknesses, and the trick room power makes him a lethal menace.

Torkoal-A good pokemon with nice defenses. If you invest Evs in his offensive stats, can be a viable sweeper. Macargo has a slightly different movepool, and a bit better distribution, but a 4X water and ground weakness more than takes back from that.

Steelix-A very powerful pokemon. Incredible defense, and just enough attack power to be a threat. But with trick room, gyro ball does a ton of damage ( I checked around, trick room doesn't affect speed, only priority, so he goes first, but still gets the high power.) The low special defense isn't much of an issue thanks to that nice power of gyro ball, and his curse strategy works perfectly since he'll be ready to counter as a tank once trick room wears off.

The second mistake of trick room is not being prepared when it wears off. Like the case with steelix, he still has use if trick room wears off. I didn't use Dusknoir because it's way too obvious and overused for a trick room team.

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Yes that is a great team I assume dusknoir and exeggutor both know trick room incase it wears off. though I think that stantler should be replace with a brave snorlax who has maxed out attack and hp and teach him return.