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i have a Pokemon in it but I deleted my game and it wont let me get my odish!


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No, sorry. if a Pokemon is still in the game when you deleted it then you cannot get it back in your new game.

Source: I still have a Ho-oh in mine ;-;

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There is a procedure to re-sync your Pokewalker with a new save file:

-Go to the Pokewalker menu, where it should say 'Save and go on a stroll'
-On your DS hold the L, X, and Down buttons

A caution chatbox should appear asking if you're OK with deleting the info, as long as you say Yes it should be back to factory settings like before you activated it.

(Almost forgot to add that no Pokemon can be re-obtained from the Pokewalker that's registered to a deleted save file)

ok I will try