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I want my new soul silver team to be a bit different, after playing through it for the billionth quadrillionth time. Using the Pokemon almost NO ONE uses.
I've always loved Ledian and Furret. But I've heard so many negative things about them. Is it really THAT much of a waste of space?


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Well in all honesty, you can really beat the game with whatever Pokemon you want, but there are so many options better than furret and ledian

Furret:furret is quite possiblely the worst rodent of them all. With its only decent stat being it decent base 90 speed and the rest of its stats being subpar at best. It makes a decent HM slave though. There are many good normal types available to you in soul silver, including miltank, Ursaring,ambipom and even raticate, that are better than furret.

Ledian: ledian is a similar case.its only remarkable stat is its surprisingly good base 110 sp def. also, its offensive stats (55 base sp atk is the higher of the two), are quite poor. But what it really comes down to is that ledyba is hopelessly outclassed by both Scyther and yanmega, who are both available to you.

However, you can still defeat the game using these Pokemon, so if that's what you want to do, go for it.

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Yeah try to beat the games with six lv.5 Magikarps.
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Yes, Sentret is worth training because you can use him as a HM slave if you like. Also, he evolves into Furret and becomes quite fast and useful in battles.

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Base 90 speed isn't that great. He isn't a great HM slave either, only learning 3.
Sorry what I meant to say is that when Sentret evolves into Furret he becomes a HM slave and can learn about 7 HM's.