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Ledian is complete garbage, and you've got better choices than Ariados.
Is this for in-game or competitive? If it's competitive, what format?
The asker mentions GSC. I think it is in-game.

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I'm going to assume this is for in-game purposes.

Ledian is one of the single worst Pokemon of all time, and you should never use it, not even in a playthrough. 390 BST is pathetic, and it gets barely any good moves. It has garbage attacking stats, and ingame is all about attacking. Don't use it, in-game or competitively.

Ariados is a bit better, but still bad compared to other Bug types. It's slow, and its only good stat is Attack. Its best STAB move is Sludge Bomb, and Poison is a crappy attacking type.

Scyther and Heracross are far and away superior Bug types, and it's not too difficult to obtain them. Use one of those instead.

Hope I helped!

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Even Scyther and Heracross aren't that great, mostly because they don't learn any strong STAB moves until pretty high levels (or never). Use Fearow if you want a good flying Pokemon or Nidoking if you want a good poison Pokemon.
The Bug type as a whole is pretty bad in Gen 2, yes, but I do think Scyther and Heracross are the two best, with Heracross being a bit better.
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”Ledian is complete garbage, and you’ve got better options then Ariados” -Commeneted by X.

My thoughts exactly. Ledian should never be used, with only 390 BST it is absolutely poor. Even in casual playthroughs. Ariados is a bit better, but you still have better options. For Ledian, you should use Scyther/Scizor. They are absolutely better in everyway, and are very good in game. Here is a moveset.

Sprite Sprite Sprite Sprite

Scyther/Scizor (Gen 2) @ Silver Powder
Steel Wing - Coverage
Fury Cutter - STAB -While a weak move on the surface, the held item and aand STAB boost will make this very good.
Wing Attack - STAB -Same case as Fury Cutter
Swords Dance - Setup

Now, for Ariados, you got two options. If you want to maintain the bug typing, then Heracross is a good solution. If not, then go with Fearow. I will list movesets for both.

Sprite Sprite

Heracross (Gen 2) @ Really Anything.
Megahorn - STAB
Strength - Coverage
Earthquake - Coverage
Curse - Setup

Sprite Sprite

Fearow (Gen 2) @ Kings Rock
Fly - HM use and STAB
Hidden Power (Ground/Water/Grass) / Return - Coverage
Steel Wing - Coverage
Curse - Setup

In the end, I would go with Heracross and Fearow.
Hope I helped!

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I think he/she got confused with Doduo/Dodrio because Fearow can't learn Tri Attack.
Fearow technically can learn tri attack as an egg move, but requiring breeding is a pretty good reason to not use a move in-game.
I just wanna say that, in Gold/Silver/Crystal, they can't have abilities.
Oh, right, sorry. Gotta fix that.
Also I am a he, and no, I didn’t get confused. Fearow can learn Tri Attack from eggs.