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I just gotten an Ivysaur from link trade.Heres its summary: Naughty nature,Day-Care Couple,Egg apparently hatched,Good perserverance.Yea, it was an good egg and I want to breed it again for me but,Im afraid to do so because it could be an action replay Pokemon...Is it a chance that it' might be ok to breed it?


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It's hard to tell whether a Pokemon is hacked or not, especially since you obtained it from link trade. But it should be okay to breed, if you see nothing else wrong with it. Hacked Pokemon tend to have weird abilities and abnormal stats. (I have gotten a hacked rotom before lv. 2 that had insane stats all lv. 150 and it had the ability "flash fire" only available to the starter fire types, so I decided not to breed it) I suggest battling with Ivysaur, and testing its skills. Definately check its stats and its ability. Otherwise, I think its safe. Also, action replay is created by Nintendo, and is a game available for the DS or DSi I trust them, and I think that if it was obtained from there, it would be safe. Hope this helps!

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Im going with your answer!:) Yes, and im am up voting this time!
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Based on what you gave us, there is no way to tell if its hacked. It should be fine to breed though.

Oh, thats good.You just answerd right on time!Thank you everybody!
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You can't tell from the information you gave. Look at it's stats and if it's something outrageous then it's hacked. Also, if it's shiny there is another chance that it's hacked, but that isn't a 100% chance it's a phony if it even is shiny.

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I haven't check anything outrageous in it's stats yet...I about to do that now though.