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My Pokemon got a status condition, right?

Well, Everytime I took another step, the screen kept flashing. The pixels in game got distorted. It kept making a strange noise as well. Eventually this message popped up:

"Taka (Luxio) survived the poisoning! The status condition went away!"

When I checked on it, it had 1 HP left, even though I had not used it in battle.

Once I healed him, the screen stopped flashing.

This really freaked me out. Is the cartridge hacked? Or is it just glitchy cause it's old? Or is it perfectly normal?


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Ha, don't worry! When a Pokemon in your party is poisoned, it will lose 1HP every few steps it takes until it reaches 1HP, when the poison will fade away. Every time the screen spazzes out, it means the poisoned Pokemon has lost 1HP. It's a feature that occurs in a few Gen III and Gen IV games, including Platinum, and it is a completely normal feature to the game.

Hope I helped. :)

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