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My old platinum broke a few years ago and I wondered if I could fix it.
I was playing my game when a blue screen appeared saying "your save file can not be reached(or found I can't perfectly remember). I took out the game and put it back in my DS. When I tried saving, it said saving a lot of data please wait. It took around a second. But when I turned on my game later in the day, it took me to my old save file instead of my new one. In other words, I can't do anything new without it being erased. Here are things that happend that dreaded day.
I traded and got a lvl. 60 groundon and koygre, lvl.25 dexoys, and a celebi (I forgot the level). It was raining (not in the game). And I hatched a manaphy. I also save a lot in my game. Please help me. Thank you for your time.(it's not a bootleg)

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Are you sure it's a legitimate copy of the game? There's lots of bootlegs out there.

If it is a legitimate copy, there must have been some internal damage done to the cartridge, preventing it from being able to save properly. If that's the case, you'd be better off purchasing a new copy of the game.
Which is kind of hard to find right now

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It might not be a legit copy of the game, so it might not of been made very well. Try looking at your platinum game copy and try and see if you can find anything that looks suspicious, one example might be your game having one of those "CE" looking symbols on it. So my best bet to you is to get another copy of the game, or if you cant find anything that looks fake on your copy and you think it is legit, try taking it back where you got it, it might of had a little mess up while making in the factory. That is all I can say for you.

I hope this helped!

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I just wanted to add that if it's fake it won't be able to interact with other Pokemon games.
Thanks for the answer but it's not a bootleg. i checked everything that would told me if it was fake copy. but everything looked real to me. plus, it can interact with other games. Returning it won't be an option because the game broke a few years ago and i don't think they will accept it. Thanks anyway Digital_Phantom.