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yesterday I was playing Pokemon platinum for the 5th time when while I was deciding which team I was going to create to spend the adventure, I remembered that I had never used gliscore so I went to route 206 and started looking for gligars. The first one that appeared was shiny, the second also and the third one in the same way so I instantly thought that something was wrong with my game. Can someone explain this phenomena?

Did you catch all 3 of them? Did they have the same gender, ability, and nature?
Yeah it’s possible.
If you have used the game card before and transferred Pokémon and etc, and it’s been proven to be real then it should be legit.
What pokemon did you send out on it? You may have had accidentally done the cute charm glitch
Cute charm glitch?
@falsebegan, are you asking what it is? If so there was a glitch in gen 4 that allowed you to have a 20% chance of encountering shiny Pokémon of the lead I. Your party had cute char

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There are 3 main ways this could have happened.

Glitches: The main Glitch that affects shiny rates in the Cute Charm glitch. This page over here explains the glitch, but yeah, if you had a Pokemon with cute charm as your lead, this is probably why you encountered 3 shiny Gligar. Also this, RNG manipulation.

Luck: The 3 Shiny Gligar could also just be plain luck, although there is a very slim chance this actually happened.

You have a fake copy/reproduction: If you have a reproduction, there is a chance the person who made the reproduction, accidentally tinkered with some of the code, causing some of these rare occurences.

I hope this helps

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Yes. It’s very possible to glitch shinys in platinum. In fact, you can glitch shinies in most any Pokémon game( Excluding R/G/B/Y).

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That is not what he is asking, as his question said, "Can I glitch shinies in Pokemon Platinum"
How do you know that you can glitch shinies in every game where shinies exist?
I’ve done it in most Pokémon games.
"most" is the key word here. ALso in your about me you say quie a few of your games are fake
You've done it in Pt?
My black/ black2 are “remade” so they are fake but register as real games. I have done glitches where my entire save file was messed up accidentally in pt making stuff in my pc shiny.
In that case, you should probably describe the glitch you used.
Dude, you can't comepare waht you did in B2 to what is happening in Pt.