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Can you also please add the beneficial nature and the recommended moves, I would appreciate that.
Thanks in advance :)

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Well lets consider what the requirements are for a good single run Pokemon

Good offensive stats
Low amount of weaknesses
Good coverage with its moves
Decent bulk.

Basically, you want an all around, good, average Pokemon. Now lets assume your trading over a Pokemon from another game for your solo run. If so I got just the one.

Kingdra: mystic water/dragon fang
Nature: modest/timid
Ability: swift swim (with rain dance) sniper (without)
Rain dance/hydro pump/Draco meteor
Dragon pulse
Ice beam

Kingdra has a sole weakness: dragon, which it has little trouble handling. With base 95 defenses and base 95 sp atk, kingdra can both take hits and hit back. It's speed is ok as is, but, if you don't mind setting up, you can use swift swim and rain dance to double kingdras speed while also powering up its water type moves. It's STABs alone are only resisted by one Pokemon, empoleon, who you will never see in game. Ice beam nails the grass types that resist water for supereffective damage. The one con about this is that Horsea doesn't evolve into seadra until level 32, at which point you can evolve it into kingdra by trading it holding a dragon scale, so it won't reach it's full potential until you're about halfway done with the gyms, and Horsea is rather weak. You must also give Horsea all the tms and hms before you trade it over.

Here's my other suggestion. This guys available available very early in game, at route 32
[email protected]/magnet
Ability: static
Nature: modest
Signal beam
Power gem
Focus blast

Available as mareep early game, decently bulky, and somewhat easy to train. Most of the moves above are learnt by level up, but focus blast and thunderbolt are purchasable TMs. Ampharos is only weak to ground types, the only notable ones being jasmines steelix and pryces piloswine, both of whom can be disposed of with focus blast. It reaches its final evolution at thirty, a decent level, but while its NFE it can still fight decently. It also has good support moves like thunder wave. Also, with its electic stab and power gem, it will bring havoc to lance. However, what makes it a good choice is that well, its a sheep. It's adorable. Plus you can tell your friends you beat the game with a sheep

I know I tend to ramble but thanks for reading. This is just my advice, there are many other viable options for you. Hope this helped.

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I think I may be able to help you. I'm the soul silver master! >:D/
Lance Killer
Held item: Wise Glasses or Nevermeltice
Modest(or anything raising either defence and lowers attack)
Thunder Bolt
Ice Beam

Lapras is BEAST! She can survive any thunder from Dragonite with her huge HP and defences!
Ice beam is what makes Lapras the dragon killer. Thunder Bolt completes the bolt beam coverage.
Attract because all his Pokemon are male, this will make it a bit easier.
Surf is the best hm. It's reliable STAB and you can travel on water.
Lapras can even take on Red. She's just amazing, and a very valuable team member.
Adamant or Impish
Holding: Kings Rock(slowpoke well) or Muscle band (from mom)
Stealth Rock
Toxic Spikes or Protect

Crunch is coverage.
Earthquake is STAB.
Stealth Rock kills Red's Lapras and Charizard.
Protect is for a turn off.
These are just my suggestions. Hope I helped!

Oh, by the way, evolve Nidorina at level 43 for crunch. The question didn't let me write anymore.
You can also use attract on nidoqueen if you don't like protect ot TS.
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Nidoking all the way!

Nidoking @ Something that boost it's attacking power
Ability: Poison Point
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SpD)

  • Earth Power
  • Megahorn
  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt

This moveset is amazing. Earth Power is STAB, and good coverage, which is absolutely crucial in-game. Megahorn hits Psychic, and Dark types for good damage. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt for BoltBeam coverage which is extremely useful when doing a single run because it hits so many types. The ability is not rivalry because because Nido hates the attack drop from battling a different gender. Another option is to go all out physical and do a Jolly Nature. You would do E-Quake, Megahorn, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch (If you can reach the tutors I don't remember if you can before the E4).

Another great option is:

Gengar @ Something that boost it's attacking power
Ability: Levitate
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

  • Shadow Ball
  • Hypnosis
  • Dream Eater
  • Energy Ball / Thunderbolt

Great set. Shadow Ball is a powerful STAB. Hypnosis can be useful when paired with Dream Eater, and the healing is nice. Lastly, Energy Ball / T-Bolt is good coverage against lots of different typing. Timid Nature gives it that little speed boost that is useful agaimst faster foes. One great advantage to the Pokemon itself is that Ghastly and Haunter still boast high speed and special attack.

Hope I helped you choose :)