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I caught a Paras in Ilex Forest in Pokémon SoulSilver, however, he is weak and I need to train him. What place has Pokémon that he is effective against. I have only got to Ilex forest in the game so I can hardly go anywhere.

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I think you should just hunt around for some grass Pokemon and some water Pokemon, those are easy for paras. If you have surf you should surf around or else just run around in some wild grass but if you dont like any of that you can just battle anything, put paras in the front and then switch him out to your powerful Pokemon.
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He doesn't have Surf. Only at Ilex Forest.
oh well, thats ok cause i mentioned other ways
Thank you for answering.
no problem ;)
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Ilex forest itself is a way to train it up a bit. Paras also has an advantage over Slowpoke, so the Slowpoke Well can help level it up as well. For reappearing Zubats in the Slowpoke Well, use your other Pokemon to guard Paras with that.

Thank you for answering.