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In SoulSilver, I'm about to battle my rival on Victory Road. I tried to beat him before, and I got crushed. Can someone help me out here? :)

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This is how I would counter each of his pokemon:

Magneton-a sweeper, a fire pokemon works well, a ground type works even better.

Sneasel-An ice type. A fire pokemon can take it own with ease (Figthing has a 4X effect on it)

Haunter-Most of the time, he'll use curse, so a dark move will kill it without it being a threat, and just switch out to avoid damage.

kadabra-A dark type will take him out, or any physical move if you can hit him before reflect could get set up, which most in game alakazams carry.

golbat- an ice or psychic type can deal with this guy rather quickly. A thunderbolt would be excellent

Starter-Meganium can be countered with the fire type you used to beat sneasel and magneton. Feraligatr can be dealt with using thunderpunch, thunderbolt, solarbeam, etc. Typhlosion goes down to earthquake, stone edge or surf.

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You'd recommend using the same team as him XD
Thats hilarious! but RIGHT! holy....
He is his own weakness, Figuratively and literally.
Thats really cool, thanks! I'm so going to beat him!
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A psychic type like alakazam would be a good start for golbat and haunter. magnaton and sneazel get crushed by fighting types like machamp. kadabra gets smeared by dark types like tyranitar as a matter of fact most strong physical move will kill it. and depending on the starter you can use almost any pokemon on meganium, a good water type like gyrados works on typhlosion, and for ferligatr a strong special based grass or electric type.

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