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At the end on the first B/W version I've capture Kyurem.. and on the second one,there where villans that needed Kyurem to freeze everything?!

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Can you clarify your question a bit? It is quite difficult too see what the question actually is.
Why did anybody needed Kyurem one the first pokemon B/W?

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Well its kinda like 4th Generation. Giratina was just a normal legendary Pokemon you could catch in D/P, but in Platinum, Giratina was used in the main villian's plans. Same goes for Black/White. Kyurem is just a regular legendary you could catch, but he was then used by Team Plasma in Black/White 2, which was a sequel to the first Black/White. Hope this clears things out.

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So that also explains why didn't they needed Giratina in pokemon D/P,but they do needed it in pokemon platinum!That did clear things out!:D