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He has a base stat total of 700, higher than almost all Pokemon. He also has pretty good moves as well.

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Ill assume you're asking for Kyurem-Black since Kyurem-White is Ubers?
Sorry about the misunderstanding.

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Only one of Kyurems forms is OU, and that is Kyurem Black.

The reason why it's OU:

It's movepool. It Kyurem itself has a great special movepool, hence why Kyurem White is in Ubers. Kyurems physical movepool is meh, with its main physical moves as Iron Head and Outrage. It gets other physical moves as well, but they're okay. If Kyurem gets more and powerful physical moves, then it would be Uber material.

Here's Kyurem's pokedex page to see its moves and why it barely has any good physical moves.

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Kyurem-White is Ubers.

Kyurem-Black is OU simply because it gets no physical Ice STAB, meaning that if it wants to run Ice STAB, it has to go mixed.

freeze shock?
No one in their right mind uses Freeze Shock.