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On my black version game, I went to the GTS and once I logged on it said:
>It seems your Ferrothorn has fled..

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This is not a glitch. Your Ferrothorn is gone forever, sorry dude. If you leave a Pokemon in the GTS too long it flees into the wild.

Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090405083925AAUTrJU


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I don't know if this is cause it was traded or if nobody wanted it...but from what I read you can't get it back. Sorry :(
Why is this even a thing?? D:
Read another source, and it said it's because Nintendo doesn't want to store your data for extended periods of time. Awesome! That'll show those hackers who want Level 1 Zekroms >:D
Lol well what about the people have perfectly fine pokemon that they don't want to lose... forever?
Well tough....Nintendo doesn't have time to deal with everything.