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I bought one of these toy pokeballs over a year ago, I really love it but I don't really know how to use, I only know how to battle and check the pokedex. How do I know my level? how much exp I have? Can somebody tell me how to use it?

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Thanks :)
Oh man, this is a tough question... If you can give something else that could help us, like brand or something, I think it would be easier for those who don't know what it is and want to help. But +1 on the question!
Here, if you can mail me your Pokeball, I can answer your question.
Also I need money in order to hire a team of experts to find out how this artifact works.
The only helpful inscription on the pokeball is 2008 bandai, it's in the sinnoh region and when you enter a battle you close the pokeball and motion it like you're gonna throw it but you don't,  then you open it again and you start the battle
looks like this is never gonna get an answer...

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The only thing that would make sense is that it could sync up to a video game in the series. When it was 1st released should tell you which game it's for (by knowing which game(s) came out around the same time). Otherwise I would say it's just a fun little toy that was marketed for younger audiences than most people who play competitive Pokemon. And that has no impact on the Pokemon games. Hope this helps!

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No it's just on its own,  I'll look for the instructions and see if I find any title or something