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Timer Ball
It will take 30+ turns to get max effectiveness (4x). (Credit to DracoArceus)

Dusk Ball
Has a 3.5x catch rate at night.

Quick Ball
Has a 4x catch rate for the first turn. 1x 2nd turn and after (just bring one).

Repeat Ball
If you let someone trade you a Virizion, it will be registered as Caught in the PokeDex. Then it would have a 3x catch rate

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I could down vote this but i am nice. Timer balls go like this. Turns 1-10 x1, turns 11-20 x2, turns 21-30 x3, over 30 turns x4. the others are correct. My source is this
You shouldn't downvote for a minor mistake.
Uber is pushing to far ahead
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Any kinds of Poke Balls could work of course. The ultimate one would be the Master ball but I wouldnt recommend using it unless its shiny. Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls are your best bet in this situation. Just make sure to give it some kind of status and low HP to make it easier to catch.

You may want to edit your answer saying that Dusk Balls at *night* work the best. (In the dark they have x4 compared to Ultra Balls which are x2)
You can use either or
I suppose.
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Timer Ball is best choice.

You ought to add more information to your answers, i.e. that Timer Balls are a good choice after many turns have passed (I think you need at least 10 turns).
Actuallytimer balls are only better than a ultra ball after the 21 turn has taken place.