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I'm thinking of getting the SECOND Master-ball in the game, Black Version, and try to catch the last legend I don't have...Virizion.
You need to trade with 50 DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!...to get the second Master-ball.
Is Virizion worth the effort...I mean, I have even stronger legends but Virizion will comeplete my collection to make my legend team.

p.s. I used every poke-ball and NOTHING will catch Virizion.

hint: could you please put the second best poke-ball to catch Virizion too?

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No, do not use a Master Ball on Virizion. I caught Virizion with a Timer Ball. If you want a second Mater Ball, save it until B/W 2 come out, and transport it to that game.

Here is a tip: Try to last as long as you can to battle Virizion, and use a Timer Ball. But have a Pokemon with False Swipe. Or use Dusk Balls at night.

Hope This Helped :D

aybe i should get a audino with heal pulse to where i can last EVEN longer.
great idea :)