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Sorry I cant find a picture but its the crystal ball attack, I think he also uses it as a beam to parry charizards famethrower...
EDIT- M03 spell of the unknown.

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What Movie?
oops sorry, fixed it...

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Also, since the Entei seen in this movie wasn't a real Pokémon but merely an illusion, this is so far the only movie not to feature an actual legendary Pokémon (acknowledging the fact that in the games, Unown aren't considered as legendaries).

The Move was Fire Blast, but because this Entei wasn't a real one, it looked purple and such.

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Entei using Fire Blast
I believe Entei is using Fire Blast
My source is this and the Picture above when I Google searched:
>Entei using Fire Blast in M03

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but its purple???